We use CloudFlare to prevent scripts from exploiting site vulnerabilities, adding spam links to your website, scraping content and causing denial-of-service situations.

How CloudFlare improves our Valet (fully managed) hosting plans...

CloudFlare does not replace your domain registrar or your email or web hosting provider. CloudFlare acts as an intermediary that actively filters people trying to access resources found under your domain. It aims to prevent the following problems:

  • Scripts that create spam content such as fake users and links to external websites
  • Scripts that scrape content such as email addresses, price lists, articles, pictures and contact details
  • Attacks aimed at taking your website offline or brute-force cracking account passwords
  • Resources lost to bots excessively indexing or from frequently accessed content not being cached

A diagram showing how the CloudFlare solution works.Overview of CloudFlare solution.

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