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Dylan Lopez
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Should I go with DNN or WordPress?

When you're in charge of getting the company website built, you have to consider which platform to settle on. Your website should have a return on investment - not be costly to build and maintain.

Many people have heard of WordPress and because it's popular it seems like the obvious choice, right? What's the most popular car you see on the road today? Is it the most popular because it's the best?

Myth #1

WordPress is easier to use

DNN has an administrator interface that is built right into the design of your website. So, compared to WordPress, it's more what-you-see-is-what-you-get. You simply have to navigate to the page that you want to change and click the edit buttons. WordPress has a separate admin interface that is often cumbersome to use. DNN also has drag and drop functionality so you can easily experiment with different layouts for content on a page. DNN has a low learning curve and many of our clients have remarked how easy it is to learn as it is very visual.

INNO builds DNN websites that are dead-simple to maintain.

Myth #2

WordPress is cheaper than DNN

While WordPress is more popular in terms of sheer numbers of users and has more free plugins, most of those plugins are features that should be built right into the system from the get-go but are not. As DNN was built as a CMS, it has features like clean URLs, version control, and user permissions that are built-in. A WordPress developer has to spend time adding those features while DNN has them out-of-the-box. That means, with the right people, developing a DNN website is faster and less expensive overall. Ultimately, the most important factor is if the website will make a return on your investment.

INNO is focused on producing websites that are high quality and hit that 'sweet spot' in terms of value.

Myth #3

It's easier to find a WordPress developer

What's more important? Having ten average developers or two great developers? While it might be easier to find a WordPress developer, it's usually because there are more hobbyists and entry-level, low-skilled developers in the world. As the saying goes, "A jack of all trades is a master of none."

INNO been building websites and modules on DNN for nearly 10 years. After working in both WordPress and DNN, we chose to work exclusively with DNN because it's the best choice for building great websites.

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