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Julie Soar | Windsong

"I’m thrilled to have worked with the INNO Software team on the development of the Windsong, Grand Cayman website. I wanted to give people a good feel for how amazing their vacation would be just by visiting our site. The INNO team was an integral part of bringing that vision to light and much more."


Nicole Degoutiere

Our new site is amazing! Thank you for your hard work and beautiful creation!


Pam Stevenson | West Coast Pilates and Health

“At West Coast Pilates and Health, we are thrilled with the design and functionality of our new website! We have received much positive feedback about the site’s aesthetics and ease of use. INNO designed an on-line registration process that has made life much easier for us and our clients. He was very helpful and patient while walking us through the development process, and he continues to be an amazing support to our business needs. Many thanks to the INNO Software team!”