Key Contacts

Reaching Us

The standard way to get support, is to submit a support ticket using our website. For emergencies or where written communication doesn't cut-it, use the phone lines below.

Toll Free MAIN LINE: 1-888-INNO-001 (1-888-466-6001)
24/7 EMERGENCY - Extension 700
Support - Extension 702
Sales - Extension 701

INNO Software maintains a list of key contacts who can make decisions about the website on behalf of your organization. Providing your key contacts does not automatically engage any billable support.

Reaching You

Providing contact information and keeping this information up to date is only mandatory for clients on service agreements. As no formal plan can be made without your participation and consent. This way, we know who to contact for decisions with urgent timelines, such as in the event of a site failure.

This form simply records these details and emails a copy of them to the email address you provide. It can be used to create your own internal "Key Contacts" document.