Partnerships with INNO

Turning your beautiful designs into pixel-perfect and functional websites is our forté.

Over 13 years of DNN web development we've developed a knack for working with other web companies. Creative types like designers, web marketing teams, and other developers find us to be knowledgable, friendly, and efficient.

We work hard to create world-class custom DNN themes and powerful modules. With us on your side, you can focus on your clients.


We're not a fly by night company. You can depend on us for meeting deadlines and providing support. We work as your team.

Great Quality Work

Our strengths in DNN make us a couple of the strongest DNN developers around. We make websites pixel-perfect, fast, and easy-to-use.


We work per-project so you can scale your business easily. There's no costly overhead of employing people and training them.

Projects We've Worked On

Lesia's Story

“I started my interaction design consultancy and web development business, Lesia Design, in 2006 and immediately began looking for high-quality members for my development team. I wanted the best of both worlds the flexibility of hiring a team on a sub-contract basis but the reliability of full time employees.

After a few 'misses' in terms of finding the right team, I came across INNO Software in 2007.

Years later, I consider the INNO team more of a partner than a contractor and we have successfully and reliably launched dozens of high-quality projects for both small and large clients. I'm very lucky to have found the best of both worlds - it is allowing me to grow my business steadily each year without the fear of having to start that difficult search again. I look forward to working with INNO for many years to come.”

Lesia Payne of Lesia Design