INNO Valet Hosting

When choosing DNN hosting people do it all wrong. They compare feature matrices and are excited to "save" $100. With 11 years specializing in the DNN platform, we know better.

Managed hosting plans start at $150 per year and provides discounted access to services unmatched by anyone.

Advantages of our Valet Hosting

  • We keep you on the latest stable version of DNN. Stuck on version 5.x? Getting DNN spam registrations? Critical update flag showing? Allow us to upgrade your DotNetNuke portal for you.
  • Your time is best spent on your business. Abandon the control panel and have us do it faster and better.
  • Our servers are enterprise grade with a high resource-to-website ratio. INNO hosted sites typically load in 750ms and not the 2+ seconds typically seen on shared hosting.
  • We optimize DNN with database clean-up scripts, caching and web and database server tweaks.
  • We offer encrypted offsite site backups.

You'll retain control of your domain names and intellectual property. We conduct source code audits for clients. If you've had DNN customized already, you may not have copies of your code! This code is required should you need to patch or upgrade later.

INNO Hosting Packages

INNO Valet

$150 yearly
(NO monthly plan)

· Uptime monitoring w/e-mail alerts
· DNS changes done for you
· E-mail, spam and mass mailer config

DotNetNuke Upgrade Services

· Pre-upgrade backups conducted
· Updates published outside business hours
· Module incompatibility report provided

INNO Valet Premium

$300 yearly ($30 monthly)
All Valet features plus...

· Faster service on support tickets
· Uptime montoring extended hours
· Include your phone or email in uptime alerts

DotNetNuke Upgrade Service Level

· Update hours include late evenings + weekends
· Staging area for DNN upgrades
· Optional offsite backups (periodic)

INNO Valet Elite

$600 yearly ($60 monthly)
All Valet Premium features plus...

· Support for large websites w/high-volume traffic
· Dedicated DNN instance for your website
· Mission critical 24/7 site-down support response

DotNetNuke Upgrade Service Level

· 24/7 schedule options for booking upgrades
· Short "do not update" periods during upgrades
· Staging area to preview upgrades (i.e.


Let INNO do the hosting so you can focus on your business.

Our private pool of servers is directly and exclusively managed by us. The servers are cutting edge and have a website-to-server ratio that ensures much more hardware is available to power our websites. These are securely housed amongst Peer1's International network. Peer1 was founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Enhance your website hosting package with additional support! Our support offerings include dedicated time for website maintenance, and a service level agreement for support availability.

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