Writing A Web Disaster Recovery Plan

Service contracts should include everything you require, and nothing you don't. Let us right-size by applying attention to pertenant choices. To calculate the service levels we require, a candid walk-through to discover the best match of external help to internal resources.

Crafting hosting and service plans to be recovery-centric, and fully accessible to your team, leads to better service for your business. In particular, where open communication channels allow quick requests for service in increments as small as 15 minutes.

STEP 1 - Establish Key Contacts
Complete the form so you have an internal cheatsheet for where to obtain help in-house, and externally.

Traditional Threats

System Crashes, Natural Disasters and Environmental Threats — Hardware failure, accidental file deletion, natural disaster

Typically, these issues are caught by the safeties in place.

More commonly acts of nature or factors deemed too difficult or too expensive to control are those that lead to downtime.

Modern Threats

Cyber Criminals, Spammers, Intellectual Property Theft — DDoS, SpamBots, Scrapers, Extortion, Ransomware

Attacks with explicit intention to commit crime that causes direct harm.

RANSOMWARE attacks and other cyber-crimes require stringent policies for the protection of client interests.

A Historic Example:
A construction accident broke an overhead harness housing the backbone for traffic to thousands of servers. Crews were deployed immediately and with urgency, yet we were captive to the logistics of real people, procuring real equipment, to conduct the required labor to bring services back online.

A Current Example:
Ransomware exploits a website to upload code designed to attack the hosting server and its files. This malware encrypts the current files on the server, leaving them stored but unusable without being decrypted first. A note is left behind demanding a Bitcoin ransom (untraceable) in exchange for the promise to provide decryption codes.

The Bottom Line

Your hosting needs where it pertains to hardware, software and general assistance with web-based technologies can be lead by discussions around your recovery needs.

Please proceed with our multistep process designed to create an immediately actionable plan to get better security and support for your web-based needs.


STEP 1 - Establish Key Contacts