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E-mail marketing in DNN
Dylan Lopez

E-mail marketing in DNN

Extending your CMS into the world of email marketing

There are caveats to S.a.a.S. solutions. You can't pause an inactive subscription. Data export is possible but re-importing later has limitations. You might rebuild subscriber lists but lose historic responses. A hurdle if you want to retain the ability to report across historic data. Complete data import, when possible, is often technical and expensive.

Related, is the integration of your data to other solutions. Having list data inside DotNetNuke is hugely valuable. It allows you to integrate your storefront or other website based incentives. This is very complicated when we expect the data on each system to stay synchronized. When a user updates their record on the website (i.e. a new email address) we'll want this change reflected in our GetResponse or MailChimp databases.

This is a classic example of a "data silo" problem.

DNN developers will often turn a specific client solution into a new integration module to be used within DNN. The integration may do as little as a one way import of users from MailChimp lists. A comprehensive integration might move users back-and-forth as well as launching email campaigns and more. If you don't see the integration feature you need consult a DNN developer to see if they can build what you require.

Example "Bulk Emailer" integrations made by DNN Sharp: MailChimp integration | Campaign Monitor integration

E-mail marketing services also exist in a SaaS model. Attractive form editors get you started quickly. These services also have several caveats one should consider.

Remember that you may only send "unlimited email" to your limited number of subscribers. The number of people you email dictates costs more than the number of emails you'll send. The following charts elaborate on this comparison between the DNN Module (+SMTP) approach and the SaaS solution. We selected the MailJet SMTP plan that allows up to 30,000 emails a month.

  Subscribers E-mail Limit SaaS (Monthly) SMTP (Monthly) Module Cost
GetResponse 2500 Unlimited $25 n/a n/a
MailChimp 2000 12,000 $0 n/a n/a
CampaignMonitor 2500 12,500 $29 n/a n/a
Live Campaign Unlimited 30,000 $0 $7.50 $149.95
Axon Unlimited 30,000 $0 $7.50 $79.95
Bulk Emailer Unlimited 30,000 $0 $7.50 $49.99

Here you'll see we've listed the cost of a DNN module which you might upgrade every 1-3 years. You'll also have to consider if the features in the DNN Modules you review are a good or bad fit when compared to the tools in the hosted solutions.

SaaS vendors like GetResponse and MailChimp stores your lists (a.k.a. Subscribers) and form responses on their servers. In my experience these services lose their appeal the longer you use them. Primarily because experienced users reach the limits of the easy to use tools and become acutely aware of the sharply rising cost of monthly plans. See this chart outlining the solutions when you have 25,000 subscribers you email twice monthly. We selected the MailJet SMTP plan that allows up to 120,000 emails a month.

  Subscribers E-mail Limit SaaS (Monthly) SMTP (Monthly) Module Cost
GetResponse 25,000 Unlimited $145 n/a n/a
MailChimp 25,000 Unlimited $150 n/a n/a
CampaignMonitor 25,000 125,000 $199 n/a n/a
Live Campaign Unlimited 120,000 $0 $75 $149.95
Axon Unlimited 120,000 $0 $75 $79.95
Bulk Emailer Unlimited 120,000 $0 $75 $49.99

In the Wild West days of e-mail marketing almost anybody would host an SMTP server. E-mailing massive volumes of unsolicited emails to any email addresses was once much less regulated. Try this today and your email will eventually be blacklisted and rejected.

There are excellent modules in the DNN Store but bear in mind they still utilize an SMTP server you specify. You'll be limited by the typically lower volume restrictions on a personal email account. For reference review the Google Apps Business sending limits and GoDaddy email sending limits.

Extend the capabilities of DNN powered solutions by upgrading to an external SMTP server. Mandeep's Live Campaign module supports overflow and fail-safe servers. Fantastic for adding SMTP servers to boost your e-mail marketing horsepower. A few SMTP services to compare:

Here are a few SMTP service providers you can use to enhance your email sending limits: MailJet | SendGrid | Smtp2Go

DNN modules cover a variety of needs such as e-mail marketing campaigns, newsletter managers and scheduled email auto-responders. Consider hiring a DNN specialist (billed in ¼ hour increments) for help installing, styling and configuring modules on your website.

We can setup in an hour to what less experienced folks spend hours doing.

Other E-mail Marketing Modules to consider: OnyakTech's Axon | DNN Smart's Bulk Email

I hope this helps you to make the best decision regarding your email marketing needs from DotNetNuke. Should you require help implementing any of these landing pages in DotNetNuke, contact Dylan @ INNO Software. For PSD-to-DNN skin development, contact Info @ INNO Software.

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