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Hiring a DotNetNuke Team or Contractor
Dylan Lopez

Hiring a DotNetNuke Team or Contractor

Do-it-yourself is trading debt for profit. You are NOT cheaper by the hour than we are - I have proof!

Great websites do things most people will never understand. We aren't saying you shouldn't train yourself to update your blog, add new pages or view Google Analytics reports. You just need to know where to draw the line. A lawyer once shared with me that "I could be making $200 an hour if I wasn't always fighting with software problems." I told him to stop fixing his own software then, and instead hire an IT person for perhaps, $50 an hour. It's hard to grasp the notion that paying an expert is cheaper. We lack the confidence to win business during the time saved. This fear is at the heart of all sad tales of lost opportunities.

Allow us to share what we've seen most often, "in the wild", over the years...

Outsourcing @ $12US -  $20US Per Hour (Quoted 60 hours in 1 month, required 140 hours over 2.5 months.)

Outsourcing can absolutely work but often not for the first 5-10 projects attempts if you haven't already learned the ins-and-outs of managing a remote team. Typically outsourced projects are plagued by communication problems, often made worse by time zone differences. Early hours are often lost to environment setup and understanding basic project scope. The massive influx of outsourcers pressures companies to quote low, frequently disappointing clients. Often a 40 hour project takes triple the hours over months instead of weeks.


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