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Landing pages to makes sales in DNN
Dylan Lopez

Landing pages to makes sales in DNN

Informational pages build trust and attract the best qualified people to become new clients.

FormsCentral or Downloadable PDFs

There are a couple of cool ways to distribute PDF documents. They can be hosted on Adobe FormsCentral OR Embedded in DNN. When hosting on FormsCentral you access responses stored on Adobe's servers. To use this data elsewhere you can export the fields collected by your form to Excel.

FormsCentral Stored Responses

The FormsCentral service includes access to a limited but easy to use form creation tool. These services incur a monthly subscription cost to host your forms and responses.

Alternatively you can purchase Adobe Acrobat to create and distribute PDF by email or website download. Prospects complete the form and hit SUBMIT (view sample PDF) to send responses to your e-mail inbox.

You'll need to pay for and learn these tools to write and maintain your PDF forms. Another challenge is integrating PDF responses as DotNetNuke users. This matters when you want form respondents accessing features offered to your DNN website users.

Other Types of Landing Pages

Sales funnel pages can be creative and unconventional. Online mortgage calculators, access to secured information (i.e. valuable charts, data or other incentives) are often shared and visited repeatedly. Like all content, your giveaway or other attraction must provide real value to your potential clients. Anything else is gimmicky and will have limited longevity.

To get help configuring modules in DNN contact us online and let us know how we can help.

This article offers an insightful approach to creating pages colloquially referred to as "landing", "opt-in" or "lead capture" pages. Sales terminology or not, let's discard the mentality of "capturing" or "squeezing" prospects. People detect predatory sales and prefer to opt-in to an offer.

Brilliant pages deliver needed information and ask little in return.

Landing pages play a massive role in perceived value. People contact the most qualified and trustworthy amongst competitors. To earn that trust we balance helpful content with professional presentation. Reduce self-serving testimonials and industry certifications to a minimum and only when they are reputable sources.

Using DotNetNuke let's explore connecting with prospects best suited to our businesses.

Informative or Educational Pages

Mature business can observe patterns in client questions. Conduct searches using the phrases your prospects and client use on recurring themes. Before creating content make certain you can do better than what can already be found online.

The HTML module (included with DNN) works well for small article sets. Content streams like blogs and newsletters are best managed by purpose built modules. Avoid fly-by-night vendors or modules with few users. Changing modules later forces costly content migration into replacement modules.

We recommend Ventrian modules to automate the display, categorization and searching of blog or news articles: Ventrian News Articles Module

Examples (blog listing page) and (blog detailed view) on the Ventrian website.

People warmed-up by pages that help people are far more likely to register on your squeeze pages. Remember to always offer a way for potential clients to contact you.

Squeeze or Lead Capture Pages

As earlier mentioned, to "squeeze" or "capture" leads can often be seen as an aggressive approach. If you want the lead, but taken graciously consider a more gentle form of the art. If you'd like the classically "infomercial" feel, I recommend reading futher...

Squeeze or "hard sell" pages are most effective when your offering has an incredible reputation (i.e. Tony Robbins or Acai Juice). Typical pages include a sales pitch, an offering and testimonials. These work best when visitors have previously connected to your other marketing. Trying writing squeeze pages without the tacky feeling they often embody.

Example of a reputation powered squeeze page and a long form squeeze page.

Build these forms with a custom form creation module such as DataSpring's Dynamic Forms or integrate a hosted solutions as discussed in our Email Marketing in DNN article.

I hope this helps you win new business by providing real value to others. Should you require help to implement these landing pages in DotNetNuke contact Dylan @ INNO Software. For help with PSD-to-DNN skin development contact Info @ INNO Software.

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