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Launched! West Coast Pilates
Dylan Lopez

Launched! West Coast Pilates

Making it easier for clients to access you

Yesterday, Dylan and I launched West Coast Pilates & Health. I'm really proud of this particular website because it's beautiful, simple to use, and it makes the registration process so much easier - for both West Coast Pilates and their clients. You can check it out here:

West Coast Pilates has been training Pilates instructors since 2000. One of Tessa's biggest gripes with her old website was that the course and workshop listings were hard to understand so they received a lot of phone calls. And when trainers wanted to register for a course, they had to print out a PDF, fill it out, and then mail it in. It was just way too much effort for something that should be really straightforward. Our long time partner, Lesia, created the beautiful design.

For their most important feature, I worked very closely with Tessa and Pam to create a better course listing: The course listings can be very complex with multiple dates, varying class times depending on the day, and different locations. I needed to make it so we could account for all those scenarios. The great thing is that when someone is ready to register, they click the "Apply For This Course" button and are brought to a simple form found here: One of my favourite features to this form is that when a person fills it out, it automatically creates a beautiful PDF with all their information and emails it to Pam, the studio administrator. She can then immediately follow up with the registrant and doesn't have to wait for the snail mail to arrive.

Tessa and company made a great choice to have professional photos done which really brings the design to a whole new level. And it was a real pleasure for me to work with Tessa and Pam as I found them to be very smart and kind people.

Technical Details

I created most content using 2Sexy Content which is an incredible module. It allowed me to create different content types with custom templates so it makes life easier for Pam to keep the website up-to-date and looking good. I also used DNNSharp's Action Form (plus the PDF Generator Add On) for the application forms and the MailChimp subscription module in the footer. The skin was built using Bootstrap 3 and semantic LESS. This was built on DNN, of course.

"Once again, thank you for such an amazing website."

Tessa Crofton, West Coast Pilates & Health Inc

If you have a project that you think I would be able to help you with, please contact us at

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Dylan LopezDylan Lopez

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