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Re-launched! Pure Day Spa in Victoria, BC
Dylan Lopez
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Re-launched! Pure Day Spa in Victoria, BC

Updating an existing website

There's always something special about redeveloping a website for a client that has been with you for years. Angela from Pure Day Spa has been with us for about 5 years now. Over the years, we've helped her and her staff to make little updates here and there but it was time for a major overhaul. Angela mostly wanted the website to work on smartphones and tablets so we used the opportunity to make some other changes to better market her spa.

Using the same design, we've made a few changes to make it a bit more sleek and branded to Pure Day Spa. We even added a dropdown navigation and put more emphasis on Laser Treatments. I even went through every page and cleaned up content and replaced older modules with newer ones so now it's easier than ever for Angela and Deanna to make updates.

Behind the scenes, I used Bootstrap 3 with LESS, 2SXC module for listing products and services and DNN Sharp's Action Form for the contact form.

Check out the updated website here:

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Dylan LopezDylan Lopez

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