A couple weeks back, we launched www.windsong.ky. Julie already had a DNN website that had some pretty good information about her  vacation rentals in Grand Cayman, but the design just  wasn't up to snuff and the site was slow and cumbersome to use. So she worked with a designer to come up with a beautiful design that really showcased how amazing a vacation in Grand Cayman must be. And when she brought the design to me, I was thrilled to get to work on bringing it to reality.

Julie did an amazing job writing content and taking photos. It makes the website that much more welcoming and does a great job of showing her guests exactly what they're in for when they stay at Windsong. The gallery is perhaps my favourite part because the hover effect is so simple yet adds a level of sophistication to the already beautiful website.

I used Bootstrap 3 and LESS as the framework, bxSlider for the homepage's slideshow and even the Explore page's activity rotator: http://windsong.ky/explore. I used 2SXC for most modules on the site to make it easy for Julie to keep things updated. The testimonials is 2SXC and it randomly chooses and displays 3 testimonials so she doesn't have to manually choose which ones to display.

I'm really excited about the website on the small screen like a smartphone or tablet. The menu has a really fancy expand button and I think it's just dead simple to use. It feels like every page has great content on it.

Personally, when I find some time to head down to  Grand Cayman, I know where I'll be staying.

"I’m thrilled to have worked with the INNO Software team on the development of the Windsong, Grand Cayman website. I wanted to give people a good feel for how amazing their vacation would be just by visiting our site. The INNO team was an integral part of bringing that vision to light and much more.

Our previous website was slow and lackluster. It just didn’t pop or keep your interest. Some of the subtle features that Aaron and Dylan developed have brought the look and feel of the website to a whole new level. The large rotating banner really draws you in. The random “guest reviews” is such a unique touch. The hover effect on the pics gives the site just another professional aspect that brings the whole project together.

The ease of use to make updates and changes to the website is very important. I like to add recent customer reviews and pics to the site and it’s so simple to do! Thanks to the INNO Software team for developing exactly what I needed."

Julie Soar, Windsong

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wrote this on September 21, 2015