INNO Software Inc - Established 2006

15 years in the business, our DNN work is everywhere.

Sailing technological change amidst a backdrop of social change. Connecting people, not computers.

Dylan has been working in IT since 1997 when he was maintaining a custom system to manage field operations in heli-logging. His experience lead to roles spanning the globe implementing software for enterprises requiring Business Analytics and CRM solutions. 

Since 2006 he has focused his energy on creating ASP.NET and DNN solutions. He keeps his skills sharp through various Microsoft certifications and leadership and business courses. He loves the process of learning and re-learning to keep up with the pace of technology. Dylan is not only a skilled developer, but is a pro at driving process—using the strengths of team members to push towards a collective end result.

Dylan lives in BC’s Cowichan Valley with his wife and two young boys. He spends time outside gardening, hiking, and volunteering as a uniformed first-aider with the Order of St. John.